I am thrilled and inspired by all the responses I receive from those who enjoy my paintings.

If you are one of those people, thank you!


"Karen's artwork is awesome!"    -Lloyd in California

"Received the print this morning – excellent condition - LOVE IT!"    -Joe in Georgia

"Karen - Wow!  The greens and blues are amazing.  Thank you for the print!  It was packaged so well and arrived in perfect condition and is now sitting at the other end of my dining table, pinned down by two Barefoot Contessa cookbooks!  : )  We have been thinking about the perfect spot to hang it in our home and we both agree that it needs to be a spot that naturally lends itself to contemplation - as is the nature of that sweet bench."    -Stacey in Tennessee

"Hi Karen-  Thanks for your lovely email; it really made my day.  Your painting is wonderful.  Thank you so much for sending me a photograph of it.  Of course you have my permission to post this painting.  I would of course appreciate a link back to the photograph on my website."    -Ed Okeeffe in Auckland, New Zealand

  • Thanks Ed!  (Ed is referring to my Lone Tree painting, which was inspired by his photograph.  Here's a link to the image on Ed's website)

"Hi Karen!  Thank you for the wonderful donation that you recently made to Gilead House for our upcoming Flights & Bites event!  Your art is gorgeous!"    -Renee in California